Integrated platform for the Nowcasting and Forecasting of Multiple Meteorological hazards, including climatic impact

Solution-2 ALARM.

The platform provided by this solution incorporates predictions of the following atmospheric hazards for aviation: SO2 contaminants (airport scale, 1-3h look ahead times), severe weather situations such as deep convection and extreme weather (airport scale; 1h look-ahead times) and climate hotspots potentially contributing to global warming in a large extent (European scale; 6-12h look ahead times).

The aim is to enhance the situational awareness of all stakeholders in case of multiple hazard crisis by facilitating the transfer of required relevant information to end-users, presenting such information in a user-friendly manner to ATM stakeholders, ultimately  anticipating severe hazards and fostering better decision-making.

The solution targets both airport scales and en-route airspaces and may be useful for different stakeholders. E.g. the network manager, ANSPs (Flow Management Positions and Air Traffic Controllers), airports, airlines (dispatchers and pilots), etc.

ALARM’s solution-2 is expected  to provide benefits in terms of capacity, efficiency, safety, predictability and resilience by anticipating severe hazards and fostering better decision making.

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