Aviation safety can be jeopardized by multiple hazards arising from natural phenomena, e.g., severe weather, aerosols/gases from natural hazard, space weather, and, though not directly affecting the safety of aviation but the planet, the climatic impact of aviation. The overall objective of ALARM (multi-hAzard monitoring and earLy wARning systeM) is to develop a prototype global multi-hazard monitoring and Early Warning System for all these hazards.

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SESAR 3 JU Annual Conference

SESAR 3 JU Annual Conference

The SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking will be hosting its first Annual Conference in Brussels on 12 October 2022. The conference theme will be ‘Airspace fit for the digital age’ and it will create a space to discuss how the aviation industry can recover after several years of crisis in a sustainable and smart way, while … Continue reading SESAR 3 JU Annual Conference

The ALARM project presents its latest results in Naples

The development of a platform that uses geodata to notify about the ash and SO2 index is one of the solutions that the ALARM project presented yesterday at the meeting “Environmental and meteorological SESAR exploratory research projects: key findings and solutions”.

ALARM at World ATM Congress

ALARM at the World ATM Congress

The ALARM project is at the World ATM Congress 2022. The first day of the congress was a great opportunity to showcase the developments of the project to attendants and even foresee future collaborations with other projects. We are intrigued about the discussions that will arise in the coming days. If you want to know … Continue reading ALARM at the World ATM Congress