Aviation safety can be jeopardized by multiple hazards arising from natural phenomena, e.g., severe weather, aerosols/gases from natural hazard, space weather, and, though not directly affecting the safety of aviation but the planet, the climatic impact of aviation. The overall objective of ALARM (multi-hAzard monitoring and earLy wARning systeM) is to develop a prototype global multi-hazard monitoring and Early Warning System for all these hazards.

Latest News

ALARM Intermediate Review Meeting

ALARM celebrated yesterday its Intermediate Review Meeing. The purpose was to assess the progress since the kick-off meeting and to steer the project in order to achieve the expected quality and maturity at the Final Review and Close-Out Meeting. We saw many improvements that are for sure a result of a great international teamwork.

2nd General Assembly Meeting

On Nov. 24th (this Wednesday), we will be having our 2nd General Assembly meeting. We will review the technical progress during the first 12 months and prepare for the next 6 months. Find Below the agenda.