Aviation safety can be jeopardized by multiple hazards arising from natural phenomena, e.g., severe weather, Aerosols/gases from natural hazard, space weather, and, though not directly affecting thes afety of aviation but the planet, the climatic impact of aviation. The overall objective of ALARM (multi-hAzard monitoring and earLy wARning systeM) is to develop a prototype global multi-hazard monitoring and Early Warning System for all these hazards.

Latest News

ALARM WP2 Kick-Off

ALARM’s WP2 -Alert system hosting platform- Kick off Meeting is taking place on Jan 22nd.

Engage-KTN #TC3 3rd Workshop

ALARM project will participate in the Engage-KTN 3rd Workshop of Thematic Challenge 3: Efficient provision and use of meteorological information in ATM. The workshop will be held online on 27th January 2021. Find below the agenda. To register: click here

SESAR ER4 Met & Env. Workshop

On Monday 12th, ALARM project will be presented within a workshop devoted to the SESAR Exploratory Research 4 Projects on Meteorology and Environment. The goal is to identify synergies. The agenda is as follows: ·        SJU welcome and introduction (10’) ·        ALARM presentation (20’) ·        Discussion and identification of synergies, overlaps, etc (45’) ·        Wrap-up and closure (15”)