Communication Activities

Completed activities

SESAR JU E-News (March 2021)ALARM @ SESAR JU E-News
UC3M Outreach Campaign
UC3M Press Release (EN)A European monitoring and alert system on natural hazards for aviation
UC3M Press Release (ES) Un sistema europeo de monitorización y alerta de amenazas naturales para la aviación
UC3M Press Release (FR) Système européen de surveillance et d’alerte des menaces naturelles pour l’aviation (PDF)
UC3M Press Release (CHI) 为欧洲航空部门设计的自然灾害监测和预警系统 (PDF)
UC3M InterviewProyecto ALARM | UC3M (YouTube)
SESAR & Engage KTN #TC3 3rd WorkshopPresentation
SESAR ER4 Met & Env. WorkshopPresenting ALARM Project
Presentatations at EGU General Assembly’21EGU’21 abstract #1 and #2
Presentation at EutmetsatEutmetSat conference
Presentation at DUST’21Dust conference
Presentation at ATMOS-ESA’21
Presentations at EGU fall meeting’21EGU fall meeting’21 abstract #1 and #2
SESAR innovation days 2021Poster
POSTsBelgian Earth Observation website
Terrascope website
BIRA-IASB website
SESAR Friday FactsLink to publication related to Tonga Volcano
Participation in the EGU22 conferenceLink to piece of news
ALARM – dust stormLink to piece of news
SESAR Webinar: Innovative Solutions for ATM ResilienceLink to post
Participation in the 1st workshop on data science for GNSS remote sensingLink to piece of news
Participation in MET/ENV SESAR projects workshopLink to agenda

News about the participation
Participation in the EGU General Assembly 2022Link to piece of news
ALARM at the World ATM CongressLink to post
Paper published at EGUNews about the paper
Participation in SESAR 3 JU Annual Conference 2022Link to LinkedIn post
Link to tweet
Link to SESAR mention
Video-interview for International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

SESAR JU e-news October 22
Link to post+video

Published in SESAR JU e-news
ALARM on CORDIS Results PackLink to article
UC3M Press Release (EN, ES, FR, CHI) about Project resultsEnglish PR
Spanish PR
French PR (PDF)
Chinese PR

PR in international press:
–          20minutos (ES)
–          Headtopics (ES)
–          Semana (ES)
–          Myscience (ES)
–          Techxplore (EN)
– (EN)
SESAR Innovation Days 2022Link to publication
List of completed communication activities

Intended activities

Find below a list of intended communication and dissemination activities.

A1Participation at each SESAR Innovation Days with a poster describing the status of the project.
A2Participation at SESAR Innovation Days with scientific papers showing the progress of the project.
A3Publication of papers in scientific journals: Transportation Science, Transportation Research, Journal of Air Traffic Management, Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics
A4Participation and presentation at scientific conferences (others that SIDs): International Conference on Research Air Transportation (ICRAT), USA/Europe ATM Seminar, EGU
A5Organisation of a dedicated workshop to present the project’s results. This workshop will be organized by UC3M by the end of the project.
A6After the workshop, publication of ALARM press describing the major outcomes of the project
A7Creation of ALARM website
A8Social Media: Twitter
Research Gate
A9Uc3M outreach news
A10SESAR outreach news (newsletter)
A11Participation in Engage workshops
A12Participation in SESAR digital Academy
A13Stakeholders’ Workshop
A14CVC training School
A15World ATM congress
A16Concept note