7th CVC Training School

5-13 September 2022

The SINOPTICA project together with the ALARM project are organizing the 7th CVC Training School. It will take place in Nicolosi (Sicily) on the slopes of the Etna volcano, known as the gateway to Etna.

The program is available here
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By attending the school you will:

  • Get an overview of the most advanced techniques and methods for the detection and monitoring of volcanic and convective clouds.
  • Learn about the different instruments and platforms that allow us to obtain the best performance in the detection of these types of clouds.
  • Project yourself into the future by learning about the new missions planned to solve the main problems in these fields.
  • Participate in real applications such as early warming systems and modelling.
  • Be able to directly analyse the data.

The topics of the school will range from satellite instruments such as IR sensors or GPS radio occultations, to airborne measurements such as lidar and radar; to the study of ash clouds and SO2, tropical cyclones, Mediterranean hurricanes, and land and sea convection.

The purpose of the School is to train students with a primary research interest in the techniques for detecting, monitoring and modelling convective and volcanic clouds, so that they are familiar with the instruments and missions of satellites (present and future) and can support this type of study.

The twofold objective is to create a school managed by young scientists already established and recognised in their respective fields, for young scientists who wish to reinforce or develop their knowledge on the detection and monitoring of extreme atmospheric events to support policy makers, early warning systems and aviation safety.

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