ENGAGE KTN #TC3 4th Workshop

On September 9th, Engage KTN will hold the 4th Workshop of Thematic challenge 3 – Efficient provision and use of meteorological information in ATM.

This edition will explore the MET&ENV topics requiring future research, development or community collaboration. The workshop will start with the panel discussing the MET&ENV topics requiring future developments from the scientific or technical point of view, intertwining suggestions from the audience. The following panel will discuss the paths and time need to cross from the basic research to implementation, and how these can be improved. We conclude the workshop with the participants being invited to help us identify the elements needed in the future to facilitate the research (e.g data sharing, common platform, etc.), collaboration and shortening the time of the innovation pipeline for MET and ENV topics. The discussion will draw on a poll taken in advance of the workshop – what research infrastructure and future research can we already propose for SESAR 3, for example?

Our project coordinator, Manuel Soler from UC3M, will participate as a panelspeaker in Panel 2: Paths and time to MET&ENV products deployment

Find the full workshop agenda below.

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