SESAR ER4 Met & Env. Workshop

On Monday 12th, ALARM project will be presented within a workshop devoted to the SESAR Exploratory Research 4 Projects on Meteorology and Environment. The goal is to identify synergies. The agenda is as follows: ·        SJU welcome and introduction (10’) ·        ALARM presentation (20’) ·        Discussion and identification of synergies, overlaps, etc (45’) ·        Wrap-up and closure (15”)

EGU General Assembly 2021

Session organized by our colleagues at ALARM, Riccardo Biondi and Tanjia Bolic, on Convective and Volcanic Clouds (CVC) and possible impact on aviation management Co-organized by Riccardo Biondi, Tatjana Bolic, Stefano Corradini, Nina Iren Kristiansen Abstract submission Extreme convective events are increasing in northern and eastern Europe in frequency and intensity accounting for major economic damages related … Continue reading EGU General Assembly 2021